What to do if we have a car breakdown on the road? | Grupo Marthe

What to do if we have a car breakdown on the road?

What to do if we have a car breakdown on the road? | Grupo Marthe

From the Marthe Group we want to remind you of the importance of safe driving and how to act in the event of a car breakdown on the road, being able to remain calm.

5 Steps to follow in case of a car breakdown on the road or highway:

1. Stop the car in a safe place

If the breakdown occurs on a motorway or highway, we must move the car to a safe area, taking the first exit and thus avoid putting other road users at risk. If we cannot do it, we will stop on the shoulder and turn on the hazard lights. In case of poor sunlight, also turn on the position lights.

Don’t forget to put the hand brake!

2. Use the reflective vest

Before getting out of the car, make sure that you have the reflective vest on, so you will avoid being fined and you will be totally visible to other drivers when you go to place the warning triangle.

Your own safety and your travel companions safety is essential, we know that the vest maybe is ugly or does not fit well, but it is essential to comply with this step in order to be visible to everyone.

3. Indicate the car breakdown

To signal a breakdown in our vehicle, we will place an emergency triangle at a minimum distance of 50 meters ahead when it is a one-way road.

When it is a two-way road, we will also place a triangle 50 meters away at the back of the car.

In this way, we will be visible from 100 meters away by the rest of the drivers.

4. Roadside Assistance

The next step is to take advantage of travel assistance and contact a fast and efficient crane service. Like the one offered by Grupo Marthe and whose workshops will solve your breakdown as soon as possible so that you can continue your trip.

It is important that you have at hand all the telephones you may need during your trip, such as that of your insurance company, Marthe crane assistance: 937 998 191, where we will assist you and help you as much as possible.

5. Protect the passengers

If you travel with more people, avoid them going out on the road. The advisable thing is that if you have more reflective vests they put them when they have to leave the vehicle, in order to be visible at all times.

It is also recommended when we travel that we carry the mobile fully charged or have a charging device for the car, bring water and some food, especially if we travel with children or elderly people and some warm clothing or blankets in case any unforeseen event arises during our journeys.

We are sure that your trip is going to be great and nothing will happen, but it is worth being careful and they are little things that cost us nothing.

Very important!

Remember that if we are involved in an accident, help must be given, collaborate to avoid greater dangers and help restore traffic safety.

If necessary, contact the emergency services on 112 as soon as possible. Correct behavior in the first minutes after an accident helps saving lives.

We hope that these tips are of interest to you and in case you need them we have been able to help you.

Grupo Marthe Roadside Assistance has its headquarters in Mataró and Malgrat de Mar and works in Barcelonés, Vallés Oriental and Maresme.

What to do if we have a car breakdown on the road? | Grupo Marthe


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What to do if we have a car breakdown on the road? | Grupo Marthe

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