The maximum duration of a rental contract: The maximum duration will be 30 days. For longer periods, a new rental contract must be made. Custom budgets for rentals of more than one month.

Mileage: Limited to 400km / day (monthly rate: 6500km / month and 500km for weekends). Refrigerated vehicles limited to 250km / day (monthly rate: 5,000km / month and 500km for weekends).

Contract extension fee: Any unforeseen contract extension will have a surcharge of 10€.

Additional driver: Including a different driver in the contract will have a surcharge of 12€ per person.

Minimum age: 21 years old. The age of the driving license is at least 2 years. Under 25 years old people have a surcharge of 6 euros.

Insurance: Fully comprehensive with the franchise. The amount of the franchise will vary according to the range (passenger cars ranges B and C: 300€, other ranges: 600€, including VAT.) The insurance does not cover damage or losses in transported goods. Nor does it cover: upholstery, tires, glass, upperparts or lower parts of the vehicle, derived from negligence due to access to roads that cause the lower parts to be damaged or accesses to bridges or entrances that damage upper parts, in all other cases these parts will be covered except for the amount of the indicated franchise.

Claims: In the event of a claim, a surcharge will be charged for vehicle inactivity: 60€ for claims over 90€. And 120€ for claims over 200€, excluding damage to spare parts.

Traffic fines: All infractions will be at the customer’s expense.

Departure deposit: 200€ for one-day rentals, and 400€ for other rentals.

Fuel: The vehicle will be returned with a full tank, otherwise, a surcharge of 6€ will be charged, plus the cost of fuel.

Vehicle’s cleaning: The return of the very dirty vehicle (stains on the upholstery, mud, etc.) will have a surcharge proportional to the means used to clean it. This rate is quoted in euros and is subject to change without prior notice.

Vehicles may not leave Spain without prior notice and in no case outside the C.E.E.


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